Freeriders Take the 4-star FWQ Event to New Heights in Crested Butte, Colorado

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4-star results

Women’s Snowboard:
1.  Mary Boddington, USA, 153.00
2.  Casey Lucas, USA, 149.66
3. Iris Lazzareschi, USA, 142.33

Women’s Ski:
1. Sydney Dickinson, USA, 138.00
2. Pip Hunt, USA, 137.3
3.  Kaytlin Hughes, USA, 137.00

Men’s Snowboard:
1.  Jonathan Penfield, CAN, 171.00
2. Abe Greenspan, USA, 167.67
3. Vincent Remmel, USA, 156.00

Men’s Ski:
1.  Kyle Taylor, USA, 167.67
2. Tom Runcie, USA, 166.33
3. George Rodney, USA, 165.00


 CRESTED BUTTE, COLORADO (February 15, 2014) — The first stop of the Subaru Freeride Series (SFS) 4-star Freeride World Qualifier (FWQ) event concluded today in Crested Butte, Colo. For the first time skiers and snowboarders competed side by side on technical lines sprinkled with trees and rocks. Snow conditions were the best Crested Butte has seen all season allowing competitors onto a permanently closed terrain area called Hourglass for the finals. Due to its rugged untamed features Hourglass has only been used a handful of times in the past. Snowboarders Mary Boddington, Jonathan Penfield and skiers Sydney Dickinson and Kyle Taylor fearlessly took their respective podiums in today’s 4-star event.

Athletes rode with fluidity and trickery to earn 4-star FWQ points that will ultimately grant athletes access to compete in the 2015 Freeride World Tour. The event began with the women’s snowboarding competition. Despite all the exposure, Crested Butte local Mary Boddington rode fast, controlled and confidently down the big hourglass and took a unique approach to a bottom air on the riders right hand side to a perfectly executed stomp landing awarding her a top score of 153.00.

“”It is so fun to ride at Crested Butte,” Boddington said with a smile. “I was a little scared for sure, the bottom air was a little bigger then I was expecting it to be.  My run was great and I am glad I found the perfect line.”

In second place, Casey Lucas based out of Kirkwood, California had a clean, high energy run, which ended with a smooth single air. The judges awarded her a final score of 149.66. Rounding out the podium Iris Lazzareschi, out of Squaw Valley, California kept the judges guessing with her trickery. Lazzareschi started her run with a frontside-spin right out of the gate. She then threw in a method grab and ended with a big smile and a score of 142.33.

In the women’s ski category, Sydney Dickinson, another Crested Butte local, took top honors by courageously picking a line down the top of the Bermuda Triangle and exiting through the bottom portion of Big Hourglass. She skied in control with smooth fluid turns finishing the competition with a combined score of 138.00.

“From the top of the venue my run looked liked a nice fault line with deep pow,” said Dickinson. “I just wanted to have fun with my run, and it was freaking awesome.”

Previously a ski racer, Pip Hunt, of Jackson, Wyoming, took second place by safely putting down a pillow drop on the Bermuda Triangle earning her spot on the podium with a 137.30. Utah rider Kaytlin Huges charged down the mountain with aggressive turns earning her a third place score of 135.00.

Next, the men’s snowboard competition winner, Jonathan Penfield, based out of Truckee, California, continued his domination from day one with a combined score of 171.00. Penfield put down a smooth technical run down The Handrail, successfully landing a series of pillow drops in Bed Bath and Beyond section of the venue, and capped off his run with a stomped air off the bottom cliffs of the Bermuda Triangle.

“Abe Greenspan put on the pressure and I thought about changing my line,” stated Penfield. ” In the end I stayed with my original line choice. I wanted to try something that was a little testy, and unique.”

Taking second place, Abe Greenspan from South Lake Tahoe, California, pointed down the fault line and earned himself a Sick Bird nomination by stomping a cliff. Judges awarded him a combined score of 167.67. Vincent Remmel, another Truckee, California resident took third place by lining himself into the pillow zone off of Bed Bath and Beyond earning a combined score of 156.00.

Finishing second yesterday, Kyle Taylor out of Bozeman, Montana took top honors in the men’s ski competition with a clean execution of a top air to the riders left of the Bermuda Triangle. Taylor skied an aggressive line through the mid section and then stomped the landing on a series of pillows into the finish line, which earned him a top combined score of 167.67.

“The venue was way steeper than it looked,” Taylor said. “I can see why this area is normally closed. It was such a great opportunity to ski this part of the mountain. I am really stoked to be here in Crested Butte.”

Crested Butte local Tom Runcie barely missed the first place spot with a combined score of 166.33. He picked a nearly flawless line choice that ended with a massive air. Salt Lake City, Utah local George Rodney earned third place when he executed a massive leap off the Bermuda Triangle and stuck the landing, getting a final score of 165.00

In addition to their top podium finish, Abe Greenspan and George Rodney both received the coveted Sick Bird Award for their respective sports. The award is highly revered by the big mountain freeride community and is granted to the top skier and snowboarder who challenge not only themselves, but also the sport through their athletic performance. Several skiers were nominated for the 2014 Crested Butte Sick Bird but Greenspan and Rodney both outshone their fellow nominees.

This evening’s entertainment also includes a special performance of DJ Logic and Late Night Radio at 8:00PM in The Lodge at Mountain Square. Tickets are $10 at the door. Juniors Freeriders will be competing tomorrow, February 16, on The Headwall at 9:30AM. For more information on the Subaru Freeride Series and the Subaru Winter Fest, please visit

For more information on the Subaru Freeride Series and the Subaru Winter fest, please visit

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